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Enrichment Group

Enrichment Group 2021

The Enrichment group has been run at Ludwick for forty years and until July 2020 was funded by Herts County Council. Historically, this group supported children with significant delay in their speech and language development. Governors and staff at Ludwick remain committed to this group, despite facing huge financial challenges.

This year, the needs of our group are slightly different; we are proud to continue to offer expert support for up to eight children with social communication needs. Many of the children in this group either have or may needs an EHCP. We are highly experienced with the EHCP process and work in close partnership with parents where a plan is needed. An EHCP ensures that the child’s needs are met fully and they can access the support that they are entitled to as they progress through their education.

Our Enrichment Group is led by Mrs Anna Denton ( Senior teacher ) she is supported by Mrs Claire Turner who is a qualified teacher and SENCO at Ludwick.

Mrs Denton is supported by a Senior Early Years Practitioner, Mrs Carol Pharaoh (Autism lead), Mrs Louisa Jackson and Ms Nicki Bardle who are are specialist learning support assistants. Our team are highly skilled in developing children’s early communication needs.

Timetable of the session

8.45am   Welcome and family group

9.00am   Child initiated learning (includes regular cooking sessions)

11.00am Sensory circuits, small group and snack time

11.30am Story

11.45am Home time

We are pleased to be offering our coffee morning support group for parents this term. These will be socially distanced and based outside the main school office. Please see dates below:

Friday 30th April at 11am

Friday 28th May at 11am

Friday 25th June at 11am

Friday 16th July at 11am (Celebration)