Every day there are times for the children to work with adults in a secure and stimulating environment with activities planned by the adults to extend their learning. Play is vital in the learning process. Children plan where they will be learning during Child Initiated Learning. This is a valuable time when children become absorbed in self chosen activities both indoors and outdoors. During each session there is a story or rhyme time.

Children take home a book to share with their families every week.

Morning Afternoon Our Routine
9:00am 12:30pm Registration & Family Group
9:15am 12:45pm Small Group Activitiy
9:45am 1:15pm Child Initiated Learning (free flow indoors & outdoors)
10 – 11:30am 1:30 – 3:00pm Snack Bar Open
11:30am 3:00pm Tidy up
11:45am 3:15pm Story Time
12:00pm 3:35pm Home time

Roleplay at Ludwick Nursery