Special Educational Needs

Ludwick Nursery School has an onsite SENCo who works closely with all parents and children. There are lots of systems in place that support ALL children in our setting, not just those who have additional needs.

If you feel your child has a specific SEN then please read our local offer information here.

Ludwick Nursery also has an Enrichment Group which has been running for 34 years. This group is designed to support children with severe speech, language and communication needs and Works collaboratively between education professionals and Early Years settings.

Ludwick Nursery School were delighted to be given a special ICAN award as a Centre of Excellence for speech and language practice.

Shooting Stars, our Enrichment Group outreach service has supported practitioners in other settings to improve their speech and language skills.
We are very proud of our fantastic team who help so many children to talk to each other and to adults.