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Climate Change

Impact Statement November 2021

We the children, together with the staff and governors of Ludwick Nursery School are committed to taking action to tackle climate change and reduce our carbon footprint to net zero by 2030. This is an urgent priority for us as, if we don’t tackle it now, we will be leaving a damaging legacy that will affect our planet for future generations to come.

We recognise that by working together, through changing habits and behaviour and embedding those changes, we can make a contribution which maybe small but when done in conjunction with others will make real change possible. By taking immediate action we can ensure our future will be safer, cleaner and greener, not only for us but for our children, and our children’s children!

The following are some examples of what will happen if we ignore this:

  • more extreme weather events
  • poor air quality – pollution with contaminants and toxins
  • less water in our rivers and streams
  • increase plant and animal extinction
  • diminished human health and life expectancy

What we have done:

  • recycling of food waste, plastics, glass, card, paper, food waste, milk bottle tops and crisp packets
  • water system all mains fed
  • embedded a culture of turning lights off in empty rooms
  • litter picking around school
  • bug hotel

What we have planned:

  • family recycling
  • place nesting boxes/bird feeders around the school and at home
  • family water saving ideas
  • installation of LED lighting throughout our school
  • signed up to the Hertfordshire School Waste Recycling Pilot Scheme

Our commitment:

  • ECO group/Green Team (collaboration with Squirrels Day Nursery onsite) meet termly
  • Speak out
  • Publish our actions and impact through newsletters andon school website
  • Educate and seek views from our community
  • Ensure our commitment is embedded and not ignored!