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A Froebelian Approach

‘Children are like tiny flowers; they are varied and need care, but each is beautiful alone and glorious when seen in a community of peers’. (Friedrich Froebel)

Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852) was a pioneer of early childhood education and care, and founder of the kindergarten movement. Froebel’s work changed our thinking about early childhood. The principles of his work have become part of modern early years educational practice.

Froebelian principles inform our practice and pedagogy.

Froebelian Principles Poster

An important part of our curriculum is offering children first-hand experiences. We are particularly proud of the cookery opportunities that we offer at Ludwick. Please watch our Let’s Cook! Film to find out more about cooking at Ludwick. You can also view our cookery pamphlet

To find out more about a Froebelian approach please look at the Froebel Trust’s website.