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Our Curriculum Intent and Ambitions

Our intent is to provide a rich and engaging early years curriculum that is personalised to the needs and interests of our children. Rooted in the pedagogy of play and first-hand experiences and influenced by Froebelian principles; our curriculum is delivered through adult and child-initiated learning experiences, with a focus on developing communication and language skills; positive relationships; key learning dispositions and embedding core knowledge and skills that lay firm foundations for future learning. Our curriculum, takes into account, the varying needs and abilities of individual children and is tailored to the child’s developmental needs.

Our school vision of ‘Together we are building a better tomorrow’ acknowledges the significance of the school and families working in partnership, and the importance of all children experiencing a high-quality nursery education and the positive impact that this has on later life.

The school’s values of respect, trust, courage and kindness are at the core of our pedagogy and practice.

We have developed the following ambitions, which are unique to Ludwick:

  • Communication
  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Challenge

Our curriculum ambitions are unique to Ludwick Nursery School, they were written as part of our curriculum development inset day with the staff team and have developed throughout the year.

They reflect the unique character of our provision, the needs of our children and are underpinned by Froebelian principles which help shape our pedagogy.

We have written the core skills that children will develop and learn over time. We acknowledge that learning is holistic, so different areas naturally overlap and flow into one another.

Curriculum ambition Core Skills
To feel settled at Nursery, have a sense of belonging and connection to the community. ·  Separates happily from their parent or carer

· Develops positive relationships and a sense of belonging with staff and peers

·  Feels settled at nursery with a sense of belonging and connection to the community

·  Has a positive sense of self, talks about people and experiences that are important to them

·  Begins to develop an understanding of similarities and differences

Confident to navigate relationships and routines

To develop an interest in, and care for, the natural world
  • Looks around with interest within the natural environment
  • Explores and engages with new and familiar experiences in the world around them

Talks about things they have observed, beginning to comment on similarities, difference and change

To lay the foundations to become an effective communicator
  • Communicates wants, interests and feelings and engages in meaningful interaction
  • Beginning to join words to talk about people, experiences, wants /needs and communicate with peers
  • Develops listening and attention skills in a range of contexts

Confidently uses a developing vocabulary within meaningful contexts

Enjoy familiar songs, rhymes and stories.   
  • Responds to favourite rhymes and songs
  • Enjoys listening to nursery rhymes and simple stories
  • Joins in with known rhymes and stories

Uses familiar stories in play

To develop body awareness, confidence and co-ordination. ·         Uses their body to achieve goals

·         Recognises connection between action and outcome

·        Moves confidently and healthily in a range of ways

·         Challenges self safely and confidently assesses risk

·         Safely uses a wide range of tools

Embraces new experiences and perseveres in their play

To develop good number sense to 5 and beyond ·         Become familiar with the sequence of numbers and be able to say or sing them in order

·         Through opportunities to count in different contexts, begin to say one number name for each object (one to one correspondence or ‘tagging’)

·         Begin to understand that the last number counted gives the total (cardinal value)

Beginning  to be able to subitise (recognising small quantities without counting)

 To confidently access a range of different media to represent their thoughts and ideas.
  • Experiments with a range of media
  • Shows awareness of the effect of their movements, marks or sounds
  • Confidently accesses a range of different media to represent thoughts and ideas
  • Builds constructs or compose with a purpose
  • Solves problems in different ways
  • Can plan, review and adapt to achieve a goal of building, constructing or composing

Engages in self-expression through movement, dance and drama