Welcome to Ludwick Nursery School

Together we are building a better tomorrow

Karen James - Head Teacher of Ludwick Nursery School

At Ludwick Nursery School we continually strive to provide a happy, stimulating environment to encourage independence through active learning. Our safe atmosphere enables our children to learn to interact with others in a caring and sensitive manner and supports and encourages them to develop positive relationships with all the adults and children around them.

We are passionate about working in partnership with parents. There are many ways that parents can be involved in their children’s learning. We see it as a journey that we make together.

Karen James
Head Teacher

Ludwick is a very harmonious community… Children make excellent progress…

“…Your passion for providing outstanding education for the children of Ludwick Nursery is infectious; you enthuse governors and staff. After three successive outstanding inspection judgements, the drive and ambition to improve shared by you, staff and governors remains as strong as ever.”

Ofsted, July 2017.

See the full report hereOfsted’s Parent View

  • Hertfordshire Quality Standards
  • Healthy Children's Centres Hertfordshire
  • Hertfordshire Inclusion Mark
  • Staff Engagement Gold Award

Welwyn Garden City Children’s Centre Group

From 1st April 2015 Ludwick Nursery School became lead agency for 3 local Children’s Centres known as Welwyn Garden City Children’s Centre Group.


The centres in the group including Oak Tree Children’s Centre, Creswick Children’s Centre and Waterside Children’s Centre.

  • Creswick Children's Centre Logo

  • Waterside Children's Centre

Do you need wrap-around care?

‘Wrap-around care’ is day care offered as an extension of the child’s free nursery education place. Wrap-around care is subject to availability and is charged at a sessional cost. We have an on-site daycare partner, Squirrels Day Nursery who can provide wraparound care but also provides daycare for children aged 0-5 years.