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All children eligible for 15 hours free funded education are welcome. Please come and collect an application form from the school office, download it at the bottom of the page or apply online.

We give preference to children attending Tree Tops and our onsite daycare at Squirrels Day Nursery.

2 year olds who are eligible for government funded free place will be offered a place for up to 15 hours in Tree Tops if a place is available. Priority will be given to children who will move onto Ludwick Nursery School for their 3 – 4 year old funded education.

30 hours free childcareSome 30 hour extended free entitlement places are available for working parents.

Summer born delay places are available for children born between April to August.

Full day care 8am – 6pm places are available in partnership with Squirrels Day Nursery on site.