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Ludwick Nursery School is a wonderful place for young children to learn. All the staff at Ludwick are deeply committed to helping children learn in the best possible way. They are well qualified and have a great deal of experience in early years education and are terrifically excited about supporting young children’s learning.

Our children achieve high standards across the curriculum and we have specialist staff to run our Enrichment Group for children with communication difficulties.

Teaching Staff

Early Years Practitioners

Teaching Assistants

Office, Admin & Support Team

Lunchtime Staff

Helen Ackerman Interim Headteacher
Lucy Parker Acting Headteacher
Claire Cox Teacher
Anna Denton Teacher
Steven Musk Teacher
Sally Laflin Teacher and SENCO
Claire Turner Teacher and SENCO

Early Years Practitioners

Sophie Ford  Early Years Practitioner
Colin Franklin  Early Years Practitioner
Karen Hill  Early Years Practitioner
Chantell Hosten  Early Years Practitioner
Annet Kyomuhendo  Early Years Practitioner
Karen Lee  Early Years Practitioner
Alison Lyndon  Early Years Practitioner
Kerri Nash  Early Years Practitioner
Donna Pearse  Early Years Practitioner
Carol Pharaoh  Early Years Practitioner
Rhian Roberts  Early Years Practitioner
Monika Stachal  Early Years Practitioner
Claire Stackman  Early Years Practitioner
Louisa Whybrow  Early Years Practitioner

Teaching Assistants

Nita Amaricai Teaching Assistant
Nicola Bardle Teaching Assistant
Elise Browning Teaching Assistant
Kim Harvey Teaching Assistant
Louisa Jackson Teaching Assistant
Charlie Smith Teaching Assistant
Kerry Sparrow Teaching Assistant
Wendy Young Teaching Assistant
Tammy Sharp Teaching Assistant/MSA
Rachael Thomas Teaching Assistant/MSA
Charlotte Miller Teaching Assistant/MSA

Admin & Support Staff

Elizabeth Rose School Business Manager
Ashleigh Fredericks Admin
Victoria Pavett Admin
Martin Woodhouse Site Manager
Gina Alessi Acorns Administrator