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Animal Encounters

First hand experiences are so engaging for children, providing many rich learning opportunities. We provide many experiences for our children from cookery, to woodwork and outdoor learning. However, the experiences that seem to have been the most powerful this year have been animal experiences. At the end of the Autumn term, as so many of …

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Staying Connected

We are facing the most challenging time in schools and settings at the moment. Supporting families and children at home is a different way of working for us all and trying to do this effectively is a huge learning curve. In the early years sector, we probably have the most experience of building relationships with …

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Connecting with Clay

By Lucy Parker As we have recently celebrated Diwali, I’m wondering if some of you may have offered your children the opportunity to make a clay diva lamp? Clay often comes out for specific activities like this and can be an engaging experience. However, this is often the first time children have had any experience …

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