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Reading & Phonics

Reading and Core books

At Ludwick Nursery School we are deeply committed to ensuring that our children become confident and capable readers. We believe that children’s language and imaginative skills are developed through their knowledge of nursery rhymes and engagement with high quality reading books. We have a wide range of books available in all areas of the school for the children to enjoy; these are classified into story and information books. We have a newly established library area and all children will make a weekly visit to the library to choose a book to take home. This opportunity replicates the experience of visiting a ‘real library’ and has become popular with staff, children and parents alike. All children have a reading record which parents and staff contribute to, this supports parental engagement and helps prepare children for the next setting.

This year, we are strengthening the use of core reading books, to further support the children in their reading development. Our core books have been carefully chosen for their simple repetitive, predictable text and often feature rhyme. These features make it easier for children to join in with so that the experience of reading quickly becomes interactive and the children begin to learn the story as they share the book.

We have also selected books that foster the children’s interests and help them to gain knowledge of the world around them. Children are quick to have their favourite books and soon become confident early readers, able to recite stories word for word or creatively re-telling the story using their own words.


We follow Letter and Sounds as the basis for our phonics curriculum.

Phase One is the main area of our focus, developing children’s speaking and listening skills, helping them to attune to the sounds around them with a particular focus on songs, rhymes, music and attention and listening games. These activities happen during planned sessions (family/small group time) as well as incidentally during child initiated learning. Focusing on these activities lays the foundations for the phonic work which starts in Phase Two.


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