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Lunch Club

Our Lunch Club is subject to availability.

The children are able to eat in a family style atmosphere and enjoy delicious home cooked healthy meals. Parents say that they can’t believe that their child is eating so many different foods and vegetarian options are also available.

The cost of a school meal is £5.80 per day (or £29.00 per week).
If you child has a 30 hour place at Ludwick you will only need to pay for the hot meal as childcare cover over the lunchtime period is included in your 30 hour funded place. The cost of a hot meal is £2.50 per day (or £12.50 per week).
All money must be paid in advance, at the beginning of each week by either cash or cheque.

Sample Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 Shepherd’s Pie Traditional chicken pie with mash Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding Chilli con carne with rice Tuna Pasta
Week 2 Cod, parsley sauce and new potatoes Mild chicken curry and rice Roast chicken with sage and onion


Wholewheat spaghetti bolognaise Margarita pizza with low fat chips or pasta choice
Week 3 Macaroni cheese and wholemeal garlic bread Chicken casserole with rice Homestyle lasagne with herby bread Roast pork with apple sauce Crispy crumb salmon with potato wedges
There is no added salt in any of our menus and where possible, all fruit and vegetables are sourced locally. Hertfordshire Catering Limited do not knowingly use any food containing GM ingredients. Wherever possible, we do not use ingredients which contain additives, colourings or ingredients that are listed as ‘should be avoided’ by the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group.