Learning at Home

Parent Workshops & Courses  


Uniform is not compulsory however we do recommend it as it is practical and hard wearing. Every child must have a book bag and drawstring bag. These can be purchased from the school office.

What Parents Say

I have been amazed at this nursery and how well they teach the children and welcome the parents. He has been truly blessed with wonderful teachers The staff are all welcoming and friendly – it genuinely feels like a family. They are passionate about the quality of early years education  The staff at Ludwick don’t …

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor learning is essential for young children. Many children learn far better outdoors than they do indoors. We provide activities to develop all aspects of learning and development outside including reading, writing and mathematical development. The children are encouraged to explore and investigate in the garden. Our lovely garden has a large grassy area and …

Lunch Club

Our Lunch Club is subject to availability. The children are able to eat in a family style atmosphere and enjoy delicious home cooked healthy meals. Parents say that they can’t believe that their child is eating so many different foods and vegetarian options are also available. The cost of a school meal is £5.80 per …



Parents’ Information

Healthy Food Choices It is really important that children receive a healthy balanced diet to support their development. As a school we operate a ‘no unhealthy snacks’ policy. We ask parents not to bring unhealthy snacks into nursery, including pick up and drop off times. Visit this link to find out more information on the …